Industries served by Rapid Prototyping

As an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accredited company LPE have a strong tradition of producing quality prototype components and excellence in customer service across the various industries served by Rapid Prototyping.

Introduced in the late 1980’s Rapid Prototyping has within the past decade experienced a massive surge in popularity as improvements in materials and technology open this technology to an even greater range of industry sectors. Traditionally a costly process, reserved for aesthetic design verification, Rapid Prototyping has become an intrinsic element of the product design and development process.

Recent developments in the material range combined with improvements in part consistency have expanded the scope of Additive Layer Technologies to include Rapid Manufacturing. For industries where low requirements exist for very complex components Additive Manufacturing has proven popular.

From early clinical trials to destruction testing, prototype models now offer previously unimaginable functionality and durability. Heat resistant materials allow for under bonnet and aerospace applications, water resistant and water clear resins enable flow analysis testing while the in house finishing and painting capabilities at LPE allow use of models for marketing and sales tools.

At LPE we work with a wide range of industries and have the technical know how and Rapid Prototyping capabilities to ensure you get the right prototyping fit for your industry requirements. Some industries served by LPE include;




“Thanks for the race engine intake parts. They arrived next day, were fitted to the engine, dyno tested and raced successfully at the LeMans 24 hours race achieving 1st & 2nd in the LMP2 class. Excellent service.”

Customer Testimonial - Zytek