Rapid Prototyping Technical Resources

Our Rapid Prototyping technical resources are aimed at answering some common questions on Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing technologies available at LPE. Discover which process best meets your project requirements, discover how to create the best possible STL files for print and access the entire range of material datasheets.

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  • Materials
    • View the entire range of materials available at Laser Prototypes and download our material datasheets.
  • Process Comparison
    • Identify the right prototyping process for your project
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Answers to some of the most common customer questions
  • Creating STL files
    • Tips on optimising your files for Rapid Prototyping and information on how to save files in STL format using some of the most popular 3D CAD software
  • Gallery
    • A complete collection of images showcasing Rapid Prototyping /Rapid Manufacturing processes and material available at Laser Prototypes


I’ve been using LPE for many years, and they’ve always provided me with a reliable and efficient service, with good parts. I know I can rely on LPE to deliver me the product I need, when I need it. They have great technical know-how, and an excellent range of services, materials, and finishes. I’m very satisfied with the service I have received.

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