Reaction Injection Moulding

Reaction Injection Moulding - Fast, Flexible, Production.Reaction Injection Moulding / PU Moulding is a fast and cost effective method of producing low volume batches of production components. Using silicone, epoxy or aluminium tools customers can have first off components within days, without the expense and delay of full production tooling.

The RIM process offers extremely flexible production opportunities for clients who either require a few off specialized mouldings or production runs of a few thousand. Parts can be fully finished and painted to customer specification.

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Key Features 

  • Low Volume Production
  • Wide Range of Materials
  • Large Components


  • Cost Effective
  • In house Finishing & Painting



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Reaction Injection Moulding Applications


 Low Volume Production


Automotive Trim/Bumpers




Electronic Housings


High Temperature Components


“Thanks for the race engine intake parts. They arrived next day, were fitted to the engine, dyno tested and raced successfully at the LeMans 24 hours race achieving 1st & 2nd in the LMP2 class. Excellent service.”

Customer Testimonial - Zytek