Selective Laser Sintering

Selective Laser Sintering (LS) - Functional High Temperature Models

Selective Laser Sintering (LS) is ideal for producing tough, functional prototype models required for product testing, direct from customer supplied 3D CAD data. Models can withstand rigorous testing and high temperatures (up to 150 C) making them ideal for use in under bonnet applications, impact testing, and even as final production mouldings.

Requiring very little post clean-up, even the most complex of components can be faithfully reproduced in Nylon, Polystyrene and Alumide. Fully functional snap fits and living hinges can be accurately produced and tested.

LPE offers full finishing services on Laser Sintered components such as painting to customer specified RAL and Pantone colors and  water sealing, to provide highly functional and aesthetic models.

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Key Features


  • 80% strength of moulded nylon
  • Wide Range of Materials
  • Short Lead Times (2-5 Days)
  • High Temperature Resistance (up to 150°C)
  • Builds in 0.1mm layers
  • In house finishing & painting



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Selective Laser Sintering (LS) Applications


 Under Bonnet  Applications


Snap Fits/Living Hinges



Concept Models


Temperature Testing



Short Production Runs

Functional Models