Alumide Datasheet - Aluminium filled Selective Laser Sintering Material




    • Metallic appearance
    • Can be finished by grinding, polishing or coatingAlumide Cogs
    • High temperature resistant
    • Suitable for wind tunnel tests
    • Suitable for tool inserts, illustrative models and jig manufacture
 Physical Properties
 Colour Metallic
 Type Metallic appearance SLS
Mechanical Properties
Hardness Shore A/D  76D ISO868
Flexural Modulus 3,600 (MPa)   EN ISO178
Tensile Modulus  3800 (MPa)  EN ISO527
Tensile Strength 48 (MPa)
Impact Strength  29 J/m EN ISO179
Elongation Break (%)  4%  DIN EN ISO527
   Thermal & Scientific Properties
Melting Point 172-180 °C  DIN 53736
Heat deflection temperature 177 °C ASTM D648
Heat conductivity 0.5 – 0.8 W(mK)-1 Hot wire method
   Electrical Properties
Surface Resistance [10V] 3 x 1012Ω IEC93
Volume Resistance [10V]  6 x 1012Ω
Dielectric Breakdown Strength
Dielectric Constant (1 kHz) 13 ± 438 (100Hz)
Dielectric loss factor (1kHz) 0.018 ± 0.002 DIN 53483




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