The Selective Laser Sintering Process

The selective laser sintering process is the Additive Manufacturing process by which components are built layer by layer in a bed of Rapid Prototyping powder. Various grades and materials are available to closely simulating final production materials.


The Selective Laser Sintering Process

Selective Laser Sintering Process - Machine Cross Section1.  Taking customer generated 3D CAD data, the files are processed through proprietary software to create a sliced  STL file.

2.  Once generated the STL file is transferred to the Selective Laser Sintering Machine.

3.  The feed bed rises (typically by <0.1mm) and the levelling roller pushes fresh powder across the build platform/part bed. The first layer is then traced out by laser which melts and fuses the Rapid Prototyping Material upon contact.

4.  Once the first layer is completed the part bed drops by the pre-set amount, the feeder bed rises again and the roller sweeps a new layer of powder across the build platform.

5.  The prototype model is then left to cool, prior to removal from the machine. With no support structures minimal clean up is required as any loose unsintered powder is simply brushed away.

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