Alumide Datasheet - Aluminium filled Selective Laser Sintering Material




    • Metallic appearance
    • Can be finished by grinding, polishing or coatingAlumide Cogs
    • High temperature resistant
    • Suitable for wind tunnel tests
    • Suitable for tool inserts, illustrative models and jig manufacture
 Physical Properties
 Colour Metallic
 Type Metallic appearance SLS
Mechanical Properties
Hardness Shore A/D  76D ISO868
Flexural Modulus 3,600 (MPa)   EN ISO178
Tensile Modulus  3800 (MPa)  EN ISO527
Tensile Strength 48 (MPa)
Impact Strength  29 J/m EN ISO179
Elongation Break (%)  4%  DIN EN ISO527
   Thermal & Scientific Properties
Melting Point 172-180 °C  DIN 53736
Heat deflection temperature 177 °C ASTM D648
Heat conductivity 0.5 – 0.8 W(mK)-1 Hot wire method
   Electrical Properties
Surface Resistance [10V] 3 x 1012Ω IEC93
Volume Resistance [10V]  6 x 1012Ω
Dielectric Breakdown Strength
Dielectric Constant (1 kHz) 13 ± 438 (100Hz)
Dielectric loss factor (1kHz) 0.018 ± 0.002 DIN 53483




“I would like to thank you and all your colleagues for all your help this year. It is much appreciated. The large intake manifold, you made for us, greatly helped with our engine development programme and helped us acheive our highest points score in our team’s history in the Formula Student competitions, at Hockenheim this month.”

Customer Testimonial - University of Ulster