Following increased demand for both post-op and standalone CNC machining services, and in-keeping with their aim to help customers produce even the most intricate parts, LPE have invested in a new Hurco (VMX42 Udi) 5-axis machine.

With 2×5-axis CNC machines now in-house as well as a 3-axis, the company are ready to take on more small-medium batch machining work. “We’re consistently getting clients whose production lines are full, but who need an extra part produced in low to mid-volume and within a short window”, says Tom Walls, MD. “This investment helps ensure we can always provide that.”

With a spindle speed of up to 15,000 RPM, this latest addition to their CNC service means LPE are now offering a cut above the rest with HSM (High-Speed Machining). HSM helps ensure a smoother cut by reducing the chip load to ≤0.005, so even the tightest tolerances, finest features and thinnest walls can be achieved, all-the-while maintaining a pristine surface finish. It also facilitates a faster machining process, which together with the increased capacity at LPE will help cut lead times for CNC customers.

LPE say their in-house CNC team are ready to tackle parts of any specification, and with multiple-process knowledge and capabilities, they can always help customers find the best solution for their project. “It could be by CNC, one of our AM processes, or a combination of both, but we’ll always work hands-on to provide a tailored solution for customers and ensure they get the results they need”, says Patrick Walls, Engineering Director.

As always, the company is doing this work on-site, with NDAs provided by request.



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