The latest DLP 3D printing technology from 3D Systems is described as producing “the world’s fastest additive manufacturing throughput and time-to-part” The Figure 4 Standalone machine offers quality, accuracy and Six Sigma repeatability (Cpk > 2) with industrial-grade durability.

The Figure 4 Standalone materials are especially developed to produce end-use parts and for fast prototyping applications. This allows customers to replace traditional moulding and cast urethane processes for short production runs, create jigs and fixtures, and produce highly detailed prototypes, all in just a few days.

“With our Figure 4 Standalone customers have the ability to scale from prototyping to production with unprecedented accuracy and repeatability” said Vyomesh Joshi, President and CEO of 3D Systems.

At LPE, we now offer parts in Tough Grey material, but will soon introduce a complete range of new materials including a new PP type black material, as well as direct printed rubber and wax for fine feature castings.

“For 28 years now, we have always taken pride in offering our customers the latest technologies and up to date materials in the fastest leadtimes available. The addition of the DLP process to our huge portfolio means our customers will continue to receive the best parts available and faster than ever before” – Tom Walls, LPE Managing Director.

DLP (Digital Light Processing) is a similar process to stereolithography in that it is a 3D printing process that works with photopolymers. The major difference is the light source. DLP uses a more conventional light source, which is applied from below to the entire surface of the vat of photopolymer resin in a single pass without the need for recoating, resulting in build speeds up to 100 mm per hour to deliver high detail, and repeatability faster than ever possible.

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