In April we announced a new addition to the ever-growing range of technology available at LPE with the advent of the ‘Concept Laser Mlab’, giving us the capacity to print high resolution metal components in the shortest possible timeframe and with extreme accuracy.

Initially we were only offering stainless steel, but we have expanded our range to include aluminium as a material choice as well.  Aluminium offers different material properties to stainless steel, allowing for additional build possibilities and greater flexibility with your project choices.  While not as strong as steel, aluminium is still very robust, and is also far lighter.   Aluminium parts of the same size and volume weigh 37.5% of their stainless steel equivalent.

At LPE we believe that constant growth in line with customer requirements is crucial.  Aluminium is an essential material in industries such as aerospace, automotive and autosport, where it’s light weight acts to improve performance and save fuel.  To meet the growing demand of customers in those sectors and beyond we felt it necessary to expand our material range.

Aluminium sintering at LPE is available in high resolution, with parts being built with a layer thickness of 15 microns for maximum definition.  Parts come finished, but additional polishing can also be performed upon request, and build times can be as short as three days depending on the size of the part.

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