LPE is pleased to announce the recent installation of the very latest metal sintering equipment. The ‘Concept Laser Mlab’ laser cusing system offers customers a fast and accurate solution for the direct production of high resolution metal components.

Metal sintering or metal printing offers an ideal solution for the cost effective rapid production of prototypes for high temperature parts, medical and dental applications, and complex aerospace components. The process can also be used for the creation of bespoke fine jewellery, custom made surgical implants and tooling inserts for plastic moulding and die casting.

The recent installation of the ‘Concept Laser Mlab’ laser cusing metals system now allows us to offer parts built directly in stainless steel or aluminium.  Our rapid turnaround speed ensures that you have your product in matter of days, perfect for product development or low volume production runs.

“We brought this technology on to satisfy a growing demand within the market- our customers were asking, and we listened.  Metal sintering is the next big step forward for Rapid Prototyping, and LPE are proud to stand at the forefront with this technology.” 

Tom Walls, Managing Director

Comparable to good investment cast parts and with the mechanical properties equivalent to cast or machined components, Metal Sintering can eliminate the time and financial costs associated with conventional tooling.

We are the first Rapid Prototyping Bureau in the UK and Ireland to offer this level of detail, with a layer thickness of .025 mm, we can produce parts to a higher resolution than anywhere else.

LPE has also expanded its CNC services, with the recent installation of the Hurco 5 Axis CNC Machining Centre.  With a capacity of 1100x600x600 we can offer fast turnaround of machined parts in all varieties of plastic and metal, for one off prototypes or low volume production runs.

For more details, or a quotation on a current project, please call 028 9070 6940 or email 3D data to sales@laserproto.com

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