Architectural Model Making

Architectural Model Making - Castle

Architectural models can be produced very quickly and cost-effectively with as much or as little detail as our customers require. From engineering construction models to large scale urban models, LPE offers a highly detailed, accurate architectural model making service to clients.

Our 3D Architectural model making capabilities combined with excellent in house painting and finishing services means our customers can produce simple concept models right up to full-scale samples for trade shows, reception displays, or museum exhibition pieces.

We have worked on a range of project types, from complete 3d town plans and intricate scale models of a French Château to basic concept models of single storey homes. Rapid Prototyping allows for the faithful recreation of even the most complex of geometries which would be unachievable with other model making technologies.

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Rapid Recreation of Intricate Roof-Scape

Architectural Model Making

Customer required a cost effective and detailed scale model of the iconic Château de Chambord. With the complex roof-scape as famous as the building itself, retaining the intricate detailing of  the towers and chimneys would prove essential to the success of the project.

The LPE Solution

Using the very latest Selective Laser Sintering  machinery LPE, was able to generate a high resolution replica of the Chateau within days.  With no post production clean up Selective Laser Sintering was selected as the most appropriate build option, using the Formiga P100 ensured cost efficiency without compromising on detail and part quality.   Read more>>



“Very good, used your service only for small parts, would like to use for larger parts”

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