Automotive & Autosport Prototyping

For 20 years, LPE has been servicing many key areas of product development projects in the automotive / autosport industries. Using the most up to date technologies and materials, LPE provides functional automotive & autosport prototyping from automotive trim to under-bonnet components.

Wind tunnel test models produced in days from the latest ceramic filled materials and low volume production using additive manufacturing of bespoke components help our customers keep up to speed and “on track” in their fast moving world of ongoing development.

We have extensive experience in the use of both SLA and SLS, and can create parts for testing and use with the minimum of lead time and cost.  With the introduction of high resolution metal sintering we have expanded our range of options to include metal parts- currently available in stainless steel and aluminium.


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LPE, providing solutions to customer challenges

Dream maker!

Automotive & Autosport Prototyping

Customer required a tenth scale model of new race car design, to aid with customer buy in and design verification.  Working with tight project lead times the customer required rapid turnaround of prototype models.

The LPE Solution

To facilitate the rapid turnaround Selective Laser Sintering  was selected. With minimal post production processing required it was possible to produce and ship a highly detailed scale model within 2-3 working days.   Read more>>



“Stereolithography models allow us to do production intents within days. On one project alone it saved us £100,000 in tooling costs and reduced the lead time from 7 months to 7 days”

Customer Testimonial - Ford