Film & Animation Props

Rapid Prototyping Film/Animation Props

LPE works closely with film and animation companies to produce high quality props within days.

Using our range of SLA and SLS materials, we can produce tough prototype models exact to a customers’ 3D data. Models can be produced full size to be used as props in films, or as scale models in special effects, all within just a few days.

We can produce models with a level of detail appropriate for use on screen, and can finish and paint them to meet an exacting standard.  For parts that require more than one copy we can create a mould, and do a short production run of anywhere between a few to a few hundred using vacuum casting.

Often when we create a part in SLA we will then do a short run of the part using vacuum casting to ensure that the filmmaker has several copies of a prop in case they are lost or damaged throughout the filming process.  If more are required it is a simple matter for us to create more using the original SLA piece.  We can also take pre-existing parts and use them to create a mould should more copies of a prop be required.

The Cerebro helmet in X Men:First Class is the most prominent SLA piece created by LPE. However many other props have been created using 3D Printing technologies to ensure the best possible visual experience on screen.


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We have been using LPE since 2010 and we will continue to use their services  for the foreseeable future as the service provided is excellent, therefore we have no need to look elsewhere.

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