Courvoisier Packs a Punch with LPE

Posted on: 20th May, 2011. Filed Under: News

The premium wine and spirits distributor, Maxxium have paved the way for the revival of the classic 5 drink punch with their 2010 Courvoisier Summer of Punch Campaign. With the overarching objective to appeal to a younger demographic, Maxxium turned to innovative product and service design consultancy Meso, to create the right bowl and ladle, suitable for both in-store promotion and for use in bar. Client specified lead times required that Meso take the project from design to delivery and fulfillment prior to the campaign launch of June 2010.

With two entirely different bottle shapes Meso set to work developing two unique ladles, drawing inspiration from the Napoleonic history while applying a contemporary twist. Building on the feedback received from the brand team, the initial concepts were refined to produce two unique items, which would reflect the shape and market position of each individual bottle without compromising on the shelf footprint. The VS bottle would sit inside a classic ladle design matching the VS tradition, while the market position and more contemporary lines of the Exclusif would be complimented by a ladle which wraps around the bottle to create an eye catching aesthetic. The range was then expanded to include a financially viable punch bowl which would echo the brand values of luxury and worth.

Achieving concept buy-in from images alone can prove difficult, particularly when presenting to a firm that were used to specifying a stock item and adding branding. With project time-scales tight the each round of prototyping would be required within 2-3 days! Having previously worked with Laser Prototypes, Meso were confident that the Belfast based Bureau would be able to meet the tight project time-scales.

During the initial design development phase Meso contracted Laser Prototypes to produce unfinished/unpolished SLA models, to enable presentation to and discussion of initial designs with the Courvoisier brand team. This enabled discussion of form design ensuring the team were satisfied with the overall design and realistic expectations set. Basic functional testing was also possible thanks to the SLA models.
The Courvoisier products were to be injection moulded in a clear polycarbonate. Due to the substantial commitment required when opting for injection moulded parts, and to minimise the apparent risks associated with tooling errors, a final SLA model was created. This model would be used to carry out final dimensional checks prior to committing to tooling.
In order to ensure the prototype models provided an accurate reflection of the production parts, Meso opted for the prototypes to be built in SLA material Watershed. Meso asked Laser Prototypes to provide these samples to a near crystal clear finish. Each prototype model was therefore polished an painted to ensure clarity of finish. With final prototypes to be used to not only present to the sales team, but also potential retailers, Meso entrusted the skilled team of model makers at Laser Prototypes with the reproduction of the recognisable gold lettering of the Courvoisier brand.

With the help of Laser Prototypes, Meso Design ensured yet another design success with the Courvoisier Summer of Punch promotional pack produced on time and within budget.

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