LPE are pleased to announce that we have achieved AS9100 certification.

This is our third major quality certification, along with ISO9001 and ISO13485. It enables us to manufacture critical parts for the aerospace, space and defence industries. The certification follows 8 months of preparation and is now a core part of our comprehensive quality certification offering.

Set up in 1991, LPE has worked with clients across aerospace, space and defence for a number of years, mostly producing prototype parts for design verification, jigs and fixtures. With significant improvements in processes, materials and repeatability, companies are turning more and more to Additive Manufacturing as a viable and appealing production method.

LPE clients are now able to take advantage of the unique benefits of 3D Printing when manufacturing critical components, safe in the knowledge that they meet the strict regulatory standards for aerospace production parts. This not only enables further design innovation and light-weighting for critical components, but also minimises quality-checking for clients, helping them streamline critical part production.

Sean Norris, LPE Quality manager comments:
“The core focuses of the certification are risk management and continuous improvement.
Achieving AS9100 certification is crucial for LPE as we push to increase business with major aerospace manufacturers and suppliers. LPE have put in place extensive risk management procedures to help minimise risk for aerospace clients throughout the supply chain. We have also bolstered our documentation offering, with complete traceability information available to clients.
In addition, processes will be regularly reviewed and updated, with a view to offering clients maximum accuracy and efficiency.”

Tom Walls, MD and founder of LPE enthuses:
“I have worked in aerospace all my life, from my early days at Boeing and Westland to Marconi, Bombardier and now LPE. I’ve been involved in the design of satellites, helicopter and aeroplanes, so can really see the shift that Additive Manufacturing is starting to bring to these industries! This is a really exciting time for LPE. Our AS9100 accreditation really opens doors for us to show our strength and experience in helping aerospace, space and defence companies make the big move to Additive Manufacturing.
From brackets to jigs and fixtures, manifolds, exhaust systems, fuel nozzles – the possibilities are limitless in these industries. We have been running plastic AM for over thirty years and metal AM for over ten, so can offer really focused advice as well as highest quality printed parts!”
Already a key supplier to several major aerospace companies, LPE can now continue to offer the very latest in prototyping and production solutions – complex designs, part count reduction, weight reduction all delivered in just a few days!


LPE attains AS9100

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