Following the recent expansion of UK and Ireland Selective Laser Sintering production capabilities, Laser Prototypes are pleased to announce the addition of three functional new materials to their Selective Laser Sintering range.

PrimeCast 101 – combines high accuracy, fine surface quality and good strength making it ideally suited for the production of casting patterns. A low melting point and minimum ash residue have proven popular for use in the production of lost patterns for investment castings.

Ideally suited to the electronic, aerospace and automotive industries th flame retardant PrimePart FR offers high temperature resistance with a melting point of 176oC.

Metallic in appearance, Alumide offers exceptional surface finishing properties, high strength and high heat capacity and is suitable for the production of tools for wind tunnel testing. High stiffness and part quality make Alumide popular for small series production of tools and fixtures.

Speaking on the recent expansion of Selective Laser Sintering capabilities at Laser Prototypes, Sales Director, Campbell Evans stated “We have noticed an increased level of interest in Selective Laser Sintering for production over the past year, in order to keep pace with this growing demand we felt the addition of the Formiga Machine was the next logical step as it allowed us to increase not only our production capacity but also our Selective Laser Sintering materials range”

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