Rapid Prototyping & Additive Manufacturing Services

Find The Ideal Solution For Your Specific Prototyping Requirements.

LPE provides a comprehensive range of rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing services in both plastics and metals and can deliver the ideal solution for your specific project requirements. We understand the importance of prototyping in the product development cycle and pride ourselves on offering the very latest technologies and materials, combined with unparalleled finishing and painting skills.

LPE is a full-service bureau offering a wide range of services in-house, meaning that we have the capabilities to be your service partner for your entire project – from small first off prototypes through to low-volume production. Our full suite of processes includes 3D printing and additive manufacturing services in a variety of plastic, rubber and metal materials, together with CNC machining, finishing & painting, and in-house testing capabilities.

We work across many industries, including Medical, Defence, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Architectural, Film & Animation.


Rapid Prototyping & Additive Manufacturing Services


StereolithographyMetal Sintering
Selective Laser SinteringCNC Machining
Vacuum CastingIn house Finishing & Painting
DLP – Digital Light ProcessIn house Testing Capabilities

Visit our process comparison guide to help you decide which might be the best service for you.


Why Choose Rapid Prototyping?

  • Cost effective models
  • Short lead time
  • Provides design freedom
  • High-quality and high accuracy prototypes
  • Production grade materials
  • Extensive range of finishing options


Your Rapid Prototyping Partner

Our team has the technical know-how to ensure excellent project results and, most importantly, a happy customer. We work with your team to create quality prototypes suitable for visual and functional testing and validation. We strive to provide clients with prototype designs that match reality.

Some projects may be suited to a variety of prototyping methods, and we work closely with your team to define the method that best suits your needs.

With over thirty years of experience in the prototyping industry, we have an enviable reputation for delivering high-end prototypes, and providing in-depth knowledge and skills across the full breadth of prototyping techniques


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I’ve been using LPE for many years, and they’ve always provided me with a reliable and efficient service, with good parts. I know I can rely on LPE to deliver me the product I need, when I need it. They have great technical know-how, and an excellent range of services, materials, and finishes. I’m very satisfied with the service I have received.

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