Rapid Prototyping Services at LPE

LPE provides a comprehensive range of  rapid prototyping services and can find the ideal solution for your specific industry and project type.

At LPE we pride ourselves on offering the very latest technologies and materials combined with unparalleled finishing and painting skills.  Our team has the technical know-how to ensure excellent project results and most importantly, a happy customer.

The different processes are suitable for different requirements- for example if you needed a display model Stereolithography is perfect, while if it is undergoing rigorous testing Selective Laser Sintering would be better.  Some jobs may be suitable for a variety of methods and we will work in concert with you to find the method that best suits what you need.

With over twenty five years experience in the industry, we have a long history of building successful prototypes, and a wide array of knowledge, skills and techniques for each of the different rapid prototyping services.

Rapid Prototyping Services at LPE:

 If  you  require  any  further information or simply wish to contact us about your Rapid Prototyping/Rapid Manufacturing requirements do not hesitate to contact us

Rapid Prototyping Rapid Manufacturing
Stereolithography Selective Laser Sintering
Selective Laser Sintering Vacuum Casting
Vacuum Casting CNC Machining
Metal Sintering Metal Sintering
DLP – Digital Light Process DLP – Digital Light Process
In house Finishing & Painting  


“It has allowed us to compete in a market place where product quality and time to market are critical issues”

Customer Testimonial - Friedland