Concept Models


Concept models provide invaluable early help in communicating design information and can be produced quickly and cost effectively in foam, modelling board, SLA or LS depending on a customer’s specific requirements.

Used early in the design process, concept modelling helps to significantly reduce production times.  This insures that the product in question can meet deadlines, develop faster and be put to use as soon as possible, whatever the industry in question.

As all of the prototyping is done through additive manufacturing there is no need to develop costly tools to design the prototype. This reduces the cost of production significantly and allows for changes to the design to be incorporated quickly and easily.  It provides an extremely low risk way of spotting design flaws and making modifications and can provide a precise model that can be used for production tooling.


“Stereolithography models allow us to do production intents within days. On one project alone it saved us £100,000 in tooling costs and reduced the lead time from 7 months to 7 days””


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a physical prototype is worth a thousand concepts.  Having a model that allows you to quickly spot design flaws and explore ideas and opportunities for innovation is invaluable to the design process.  An accurate model for testing form, features, usability and performance ensures that your product does what it is supposed to do, not what you think it ought to do.

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Common Applications


 Early Design Verification.


Ergonomic Testing.



Interactive Design Reiterations.


Internal Communication Tools.



Early Customer Buy In.



“If your future model remains as it is, I think you are already providing a first class facility. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone looking for a fast, good quality prototype”

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