DLP Materials

The DLP materials available on the Figure 4 machine have been especially developed for the production of end use parts and for fast prototyping applications.


Figure 4 Materials Available:


Figure 4 Materials - TOUGH-GRY 10


Colour: Dark Grey
Simulates:  ABS
Properties:  High speed, durable

Tough-Gry 10 is a high speed material and with 25% elongation at break, it has the durability required for a broad range of applications. It is an extremely stable material, including under high humidity conditions.

View the TOUGH-GRY 10 Datasheet


Figure 4 Materials - TOUGH-BLK 20


Colour: Black
Simulates:  ABS
Properties:  Strong

Tough-Blk 20 is an ABS-like, strong material with industry-leading environmental stability. Parts feature an exceptional surface finish, high precision, durability and long-term stability which make them suitable for fast high performance prototyping and production applications.

View the TOUGH-BLK 20 Datasheet


Figure 4 Materials - TOUGH-GRY 10


Colour: Black
Simulates: Elastomer
Properties: Extremely flexible

Elast – Blk 10 is an elastomeric black material offering excellent compressive characteristics making it suitable  for design and test applications.

View the ELAST-BLK Datasheet


Figure 4 Materials - JCAST-GRN 10 10


Colour: Green
Simulates: Wax    
Properties: Casting material for metals

Jcast – Grn 10 is a high contract green material most suited for producing finely detailed, high resolution jewellery patterns. 

View the JCAST-GRN 10 Datasheet 



Figure 4 Materials - JCAST-GRN 10 10


Colour: Black
Simulates: PP    
Properties: Flexible

Flex-Blk 10 is a durable and flexible material that provides tough parts with the look and feel of molded polypropylene. This material is robust with very good elongation at break and impact strength.


View the FLEX-BLK 10 Datasheet 



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