DLP Materials

The DLP materials available on the Figure 4 machine have been especially developed for the production of end use parts and for fast prototyping applications.


Figure 4 Materials Available:


Figure 4 Materials - TOUGH-GRY 10


Colour: Dark Grey
Simulates:  ABS
Suitable for:  Durable functional parts

Tough-Gry 10 is a high speed material and with 25% elongation at break, it has the durability required for a broad range of applications. It is an extremely stable material, including under high humidity conditions.

View the “TOUGH-GRY 10 Datasheet


Figure 4 Materials - TOUGH-BLK 20


Colour: Black
Simulates:  ABS
Suitable for:  Strong precision parts with long term stability

Tough-Blk 20 is an ABS-like, strong material with industry-leading environmental stability. Parts feature an exceptional surface finish, high precision, durability and long-term stability which make them suitable for fast high performance prototyping and production applications.

View the “TOUGH-BLK 20 Datasheet




Colour: Black
Simulates: Rubber    
Suitable for: High tear strength rubber parts

Rubber-65A Blk is a medium tear strength, malleable material for hard rubber like parts . 

View the “RUBBER-65A BLK Datasheet 




Colour: White
Simulates: ABS    
Suitable for: Medical applications requiring biocompatibility, sterilisation and thermal resistance.

Med-Wht 10 is a rigid white material for applications requiring biocompatibility and / or thermal resistance. It provides beautiful parts that can be sterilized and tested at temperatures over 100 deg C. 

View the “MED-WHT 10 Datasheet 



Figure 4 Materials - HI TEMP-300 AMB


Colour: Amber
Simulates: High temp plastic    
Suitable for: High heat resistance/testing

Hii Temp-300 Amb is an industry leading, ultra high temperature resistant rigid plastic suitable for the harshest environments . 

View the “HI TEMP 300-AMB Datasheet 



Figure 4 Materials - MED-AMB 10


Colour: Amber
Suitable for: Translucent parts that can be sterilized and tested at high temperature

Med-Amb 10 is a rigid, translucent material for a range of medical and industrial applications. 

View the “MED-AMB 10 Datasheet 


Figure 4 Materials - Flex BLK 10


Colour: Black
Simulates:   Polypropylene
Suitable for:  Functional assemblies and prototypes

Flex Blk 10 is a flexible material for the production of exceptionally durable polypropylene-like parts.

View the “Flex Blk 10 Datasheet


Figure 4 Materials - JCAST-GRN 10 10


Colour: Green
Simulates: Wax    
Suitable for: Casting material for metals and high res jewellery

Jcast – Grn 10 is a high contract green material most suited for producing finely detailed, high resolution jewellery patterns. 

View the “JCAST-GRN 10 Datasheet