DLP Process

DLP - Platform of Figure Four MachineThe DLP Process


DLP or Digital Light Processing refers to a method of printing that makes use of a projector as a light source to vat polymerise (cure or solidify) photosensitive polymers (photopolymers).

Each layer of the desired structure is projected into a vat of liquid resin from below. When one layer is solidified the build platform moves up by one layer in height and the process is repeated until the part is complete. The advantage of this method over traditional SLA is that the entire layer is cured in one go, whereas with SLA a laser beam has to draw the 2D image with a small beam which can take much longer.

As the part is drawn upside down through a clear window at the bottom of a tank there is no need for a re-coater in the DLP process. Removing the need for a recoating mechanism allows for smaller build layers and faster processing.