FDM – Fused Deposition Modeling


FDM – Functional, Durable Prototypes


Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), is an additive manufacturing process involving the ejection of a thermoplastic material from a temperature controlled nozzle, layer by layer, to form a part.

The FDM process is capable of building fully functional parts in thermoplastic materials. Parts produced by FDM are durable and will have stable mechanical properties over time. The one drawback of this process is that the surface finish will not be as good as that of stereolithography models.





At LPE we offer a number of FDM materials in order to meet a wide range of prototyping and rapid manufacturing applications and requirements;

  • Ultem 9085
  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • PC-ABS
  • ABS-M30

For further information contact our sales team on 028 9070 6940





With a team of traditional model makers working in-house, combined with a full scale spray painting booth, LPE can meet a wide range of finishing requirements.

Finishing services will be affected by the material selected, please contact our sales team on 028 9070 6940 for further details.



Offering production functional, durable prototypes in material similar to thermoplastics, FDM is ideal for;


  • Prototypes for form, fit and function testing
  • Prototypes constructed in production materials
  • Production of support parts such as jigs and fixtures


Why LPE?

Tight Lead Times:

Typical lead times for FDM are between 3-5 days. We work closely with our customers to ensure you remain updated at every stage of the production process.

Wide range of materials:

Offering 4 key FDM materials, LPE can help identify the most suitable material for your individual project requirements.

Expert, Impartial Advice:

As the longest established prototyping bureau in the UK and Ireland , LPE has over 25 years experience converting customers designs into fully functional prototype components and with a wide range of services available, we offer impartial advice tailored to your individual project requirements.

Committed to Customer Service:

An ISO 9001 & 13485 approved supplier, LPE consistently work towards excellence of both part quality and customer service. We endeavour to provide a fast, professional response to all customer enquiries and carefully monitor quality throughout the production process.

Rapid Delivery:

LPE work with local couriers to offer free Next Day Delivery on all orders. For time sensitive projects speak to the sales team about A.M. and Saturday delivery.




“A good standard of service as we have come to expect from Laser Prototypes”

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