Finishing & Painting

Full Range of Professional Finishing Services
With an in-house team of model makers boasting hundreds of years experience working with aesthetic and functional 3D models, LPE offers a complete in house finishing & painting service.

From aesthetic models to final production units our skilled 3D model makers can closely match customer specified colour and finish every time. Many of our fully finished projects have appeared in promotional brochures, product packaging, and even blockbuster movies.

All SLA models produced by LPE are supplied with a high quality surface finish at no extra cost. With additional finishes including sparks, tints and glosses, we can match precisely and quickly to any customer requirements.

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Finishing & Painting Features

  • Hand Finishing
  • Inserts & Assembly
  • Spark & Gloss Paint Finishes
  • Colour Matching
  • Watersealing
  • Clear/Tinted Finishes




Sample Finishes


Matt Finish


Gloss Finish



Spark Finish


Metallic Finish



“I would like to thank you and all your colleagues for all your help this year. It is much appreciated. The large intake manifold, you made for us, greatly helped with our engine development programme and helped us acheive our highest points score in our team’s history in the Formula Student competitions, at Hockenheim this month.”

Customer Testimonial - University of Ulster