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Additive Manufacturing Services from LPE

LPE offer both the services range and the finishing capabilities to help customers achieve Rapid Manufacturing deadlines.  A cost effective solution for  small quantities of highly customised products, additive manufacturing can assist in early market testing where runs of hundreds or thousands are required.  This allows for any design errors to be identified prior to committing to tooling.

Rapid Manufacturing uses the technologies initially developed for Rapid Prototyping and has become known as ‘Additive Manufacturing’ due to the ‘additive’ layer  process by which 3D objects are created. Short lead times, increased material range and the ability to create previously unimaginable geometries have all helped to advance the spread of Additive Manufacturing.

The growing popularity of Additive Manufacturing will have a profound effect on the way products are designed in the future. Manufacturing will no longer be constrained by the complexity of design or the availability and location of tooling.

With the very latest in Additive Manufacturing technologies, LPE can help assess the suitability of Rapid Manufacturing for your project, and provide the knowledge and expertise to help you source the best material to meet your individual needs.

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Common Applications of Rapid Manufacturing


Dealing with Tooling Delays


JIT Manufacturing


Customisation of Products/ Limited Edition Runs


Early Market Testing/Analysis




Design Verification

Fast, flexible production methods