Selective Laser Sintering Materials

At LPE we are committed to offering you the widest range of part functionality through the ongoing development of our selective laser sintering materials range.

A cost effective additive manufacturing technology, Selective Laser Sintering offers exceptional functionality and has proven popular as a tool for the low volume production of jigs, fixtures and electronic enclosures.


Selective Laser Sintering Materials Available:


Selective Laser Sintering Materials - PA2200



Colour:          Off White
Simulates:   Nylon
Properties:  Flexible, Snap Fits/Living Hinges

PA2200 is a tough, functional material with a high temperature resistance (up to 150℃). Very suitable for under the bonnet applications.

View the PA2200 datasheet.


Medical model of pelvis produced in PA Nylon

PA3200 GF


Colour:          Off White
Simulates:   Glass Filled Nylon
Properties:  High Temperature, Rigid

PA3200 GF is suitable for functional rigid prototypes and has a high degree of temperature resistance.

View the PA3200 GF datasheet.


Alumide Cogs


Colour:          Metallic
Simulates:   Aluminium filled nylon
Properties:  Metallic appearance

Alumide is high temperature resistant and is suitable for wind tunnel tests, tool inserts, illustrative models and jig manufacture. It can be finished by grinding, polishing or coating.

View the Alumide datasheet.


PA2210 FR

Colour:          White
Simulates:   Flame Retardant Nylon
Properties:  High Temperature, Flame Retardant

Due to the high temperature resistance of PA2210 FR it is suitable for aerospace industry testing and use in electrical and electronic prototyping.

View the PA2210 FR datasheet.


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