High Resolution SLA

High Resolution SLAHigh Resolution SLA – Detail & Definition.


Exceptional detail and definition now available with High Resolution SLA Viper builds. With a layer thickness of 0.05mm High Resolution SLA allows for the faithful reproduction of features down to 0.01mm and excellent side wall definition.

“Very good service with excellent part and delivery finish”

 In a range of the very latest functional stereolithography materials, parts are built at optimum speed and resolution for accurate results on every little snap fit, styling line, piece of text and thread.





High Resolution SLA is now available in a range of five tough functional Stereolithography materials at LPE including;

  • Flexible PP
  • High Clarity PC
  • ABS – Gray / Water Clear / Black



High Resolution SLA builds can be finished to closely match final production parts with a wide range of finishing and painting options available including;

  • Standard – Support Structures & Build Lines removed
  • Painted – LPE has invested in a state of the art spray painting booth and can closely match customer specified Pantone/ RAL colours.
  • Matt
  • Spark – Fine/Medium
  • Tinted/Gloss
  • Polished to Water Clear
  • Satin
  • Metal Plating.



Some of the most common applications of High Resolution SLA models include;

  • Investment Casting Patterns
  • High Detail Prototypes
  • Architectural Scale Models
  • Components with fine text/threads


Extremely satisfied with the service we get from LPE. Response and quality excellent.

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