Stereolithography Materials

At LPE we are aware of the importance of early product and design testing, to help our customers meet tight project lead times and budget we continue to invest in the latest Stereolithography materials, allowing you to conduct real time functional testing prior to committing to expensive tooling.

With heat resistance, medical approval and moisture resistance just some of the features available, LPE offers one of the most comprehensive SLA ranges in the UK.


Stereolithography Materials Available:


Stereolithography Materials - Watershed


Colour:          Charcoal
Simulates:   ABS
Properties:  Strong and durable with thermoplastic like performance look and feel.

Taurus is deal for the most demanding functional prototyping and even end-use applications

View the Taurus datasheet.


Stereolithography Materials - Taurus


Colour:          Water Clear
Simulates:   ABS
Properties:  Water resistant, medical approved, high clarity plastic

This  water resistant SLA material  can be finished to water clear. Watershed is suitable for Medical prototyping and is USP Grade VI approved.

View the Watershed datasheet.


Stereolithography Materials - Xtreme


Colour:          Grey
Simulates:   PC/ABS
Properties:  Very tough, functional

Xtreme is a tough, functional PC/ABS simulant suitable for functional testing.

View the Xtreme datasheet.


Dairy case study parts


Colour:           White
Simulates:     Tough ABS
Properties:   Very tough, functional, crack resistant

NeXt is a tough, functional resin suitable for snapfits and living hinges, with excellent impact resistance

View the Next datasheet.



Colour:          Opaque White
Simulates:   High temperature plastic
Properties:  Heat resistant, durable, stiff

Perform is a durable and strong composite material, suitable for wind tunnel test and tooling applications.

View the Perform datasheet.


Stereolithography Materials - SL7820


Colour:          Black
Simulates:   ABS
Properties:  Exceptional surface detail

The first black SLA material, SL7820 boasts exceptional surface finish and can be finished to a high gloss black finish. SL7820 offers excellent dimensional stability even in humid conditions

View the SL7820 datasheet.


Stereolithography Materials - Si25


Colour:          White
Simulates:   PP
Properties:  Flexible

Si25 is a tough flexible PP simulant, suitable for the production of snap fits, concept models and functional assembly components.

View the Si25 datasheet.


Stereolithography Materials - Si60


Colour:          Clear
Simulates:   PC
Properties:  Durable, Stiff, Good Clarity

Si60 is a durable stiff PC simulant suitable for the production of prototype models requiring some level of transparency.

View the Si60 datasheet.



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