Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting - Low Volume Production

Vacuum Casting allows for the faithful replication of plastic parts in a wide range of near production grade casting resins. Castings can be used throughout the product life-cycle from early design verification to short run production.

Castings can be accurately matched to customer specified colours (Pantone, BS and RAL) and surface finishes (from Matt to Spark and High Gloss).

Drilled, tapped insert moulded and over moulded parts can be supplied. Excellent optical clarity, colour tinting, high impact strength, temperature resistance and flame retardancy can all be supplied to provide as close a match to your final production requirements as possible.

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Key Features


  • Short Lead Times (5-8 days)
  • Wide Range of Materials
  • Low Volume Production without Tooling
  • Range of Production Finishes
  • Colour Matching



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Vacuum Casting Applications


Rapid Manufacturing/Short Production Runs


Production Grade Materials



Aesthetic Models


Product Testing & Trials



Rubber Components

Customer Evaluation




“We used Stereolithography both as a styling and engineering model which helped us to condense our design cycle”

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