From basic models for concept exploration and project initiation, to complex, finished displays for graphic presentation, 3D Printing is covering all bases and more for architects today. With an ever-growing range of materials and processes, the world of AM technology is never short of a solution – regardless of budget, lead time requirements, or the level of detail the model entails.

Wave goodbye to the long, laborious, hand-crafting techniques of the past, and say hello to new realms of design freedom and modelling precision. Affordable, readily available prints of your plans facilitate an iterative 3D design process that takes your ideas from the early concept stages to construction quicker than ever before. Advancement of machinery continually enables new levels of definition, and increasingly exotic material options allow for the texture changes and colour schemes you need to create eye-catching visual replications.

At LPE, we’ve been bringing the plans of architects across the UK and Ireland to life for 30 years now, bringing them accurate, cost-effective, and time-efficient modeling solutions. With over 20 in-house printers, we have the extensive machine capacity required to meet all your modeling needs, regardless of size, scale, and definition. Our expert team of modelmakers will work with you hands-on throughout the design process, providing advice and consultation as and when you require it.

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Why do architects use 3D Printing?

  • Flawless modelmaking – With models produced accurate to a CAD file, the possibility for mistakes in the model-making process is removed.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Material and labour costs are kept to a minimum, by an additive machining process that removes the requirement for human crafting and optimises material efficiency.
  • Quick, easy iterations – You and your client have the liberty to modify your design at any stage, for no additional fixed costs, with a 3D version of the updated model in front of you within days.
  • Identify design flaws – With real-life scale models of proposed builds, this can be done more easily and reliably than any computer simulation would allow.


  • Early stage and concept models.
  • Working models to develop ideas, pinpoint flaws, and find solutions.
  • Presentation models to exhibit to potential investors.
  • Landscaping elements like trees, people, and cars, to elevate the presentation value of your model.
  • Scale models of proposed builds and developments for sales, marketing, and planning purposes.
  • 3D planning demonstrations for authority approval and/or public endorsement.
  • 3D sitemaps to assist visitors at large complexes like airports, hospitals, and amusement parks.
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Why choose LPE for your architecture requirements?

  • Advanced printing capabilities with an expansive range of material and finishing options, for astonishing display models
  • Secondary painting, finishing, and polishing, – so your model is ready for presentation upon delivery
  • Large build volume capabilities, for sizeable planning projects and wider scale-metric options
  • LED lighting and special 3D-printed parts for enhanced presentations and real-life lighting effects
  • Swift lead times permitted by our extensive machine capacity and overnight operations, facilitating a rapid iterative design process
  • Next-day delivery across the UK & Ireland
  • Highly experienced team of engineers and modelmakers to help you unlock the full potential of 3D Printing
  • Over 30 years of experience in architectural modelmaking, including assembly, lighting and finishing

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