Nowadays, 3D printing has been widely adopted throughout many aspects of the aerospace industry. An early adopter of the technologies, printed parts have been used by aerospace companies since the late 1980s to help with design intent, validation, tooling aids, and end production.

3D printing in aerospace offers the industry total design freedom to manufacture highly intricate and lightweight components, as well as the reduction of assembly part numbers thus leading to a significant reduction in weight, and therefore cost!

With a boosting demand for top selling aircrafts like A320 and B787 and a rise in air travel, key companies are relying on 3D Printing to reduce maintenance and save fuel.

Over the next decade, the aerospace market is expected to grow substantially in all aspects –civil, military, engine components, structural and space components as many giants of the industry race to develop engine parts using 3D printed aerospace parts for a cleaner, more efficient world of aviation.

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Why do aerospace companies use 3D Printing?

  • New design challenges can be resolved prior to any expensive tooling.
  • Iterations can be tested, tweaked and repeated as required, and approved parts moved to production in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.
  • Certified materials give accurate results with significant scope for prototyping AND production
  • Part weight reduction dramatically decreases operating costs.
  • Customised and bespoke ‘one-off’ products can be manufactured for specific aircraft or operations.
  • Cost effective and fast MRO solutions for individual repairs reduces unplanned downtime


  • Lightweight part production in end use materials
  • Reduction of assembly part numbers
  • Improved workflow and production quality with custom made jigs and fixtures
  • Low volume production runs in aluminium and titanium
  • Aesthetic and functional cabin interior components
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Why choose LPE for your aerospace requirements?

  • Over thirty years of experience in aerospace prototyping and production
  • Multiple collaborative and research programs with major aerospace companies and academic institutions
  • Wide range of materials to deliver both functional and visually accurate parts – including plastics, metals, and rubbers
  • In-house secondary painting, finishing, polishing, machining and assembly if required
  • AS9100 & ISO9001 certified – committed to quality assurance
  • Cutting edge engineering solutions
  • Robust PCD tailored for control and documentation of aerospace production components
  • COCs, first article inspection reports, in house testing and full material traceability available on request
  • Providing MRO solutions – experienced machine operators & in house engineers with a wealth of experience in aerospace applications / production processes
  • Working as a key supplier to aerospace companies
  • Flexible project lead times allowing customers to accelerate campaign success
  • Next-day delivery throughout the UK and Europe

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