LPE has the capability to meet all the individual requirements of your project

With an in-house team of model makers boasting hundreds of years experience working with aesthetic and functional 3D models, LPE offers a complete in-house assembly, testing, finishing & painting service.

Use LPE for your post processing requirements and you can streamline your supply chain by keeping all the manufacturing and post processing services with one supplier, reducing logistics time and cost.

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Post Processing Services available at LPE

  • Measurement, Inspection and Quality Documentation

    LPE offer a complete range of quality documentation including:

    • Certificates of conformance
    • First Article Inspection reports
    • Reports from calibrated CMM
    • In-house mechanical tensile and density testing with reports available on porosity, density, surface and dimensional analysis.
    • Heat treatment certification reports
    • Powder analysis and material traceability. Batch control with full traceability and MILL certificates with the option of additional chemical elemental analysis for each build
    • Metal production parts controlled using PCD (based on ISO/ASTM 52904)

    These quality documents will incur a separate charge and it must be highlighted at the quotation stage if they are required.

  • Surfacing & polishing

    For smooth, clean and clear surfaces, all parts are manually finished and polished.

  • Painting and custom finishing

    With a full-sized in-house spray painting booth, we can match custom finish and colour specifications. Our range of paint finishes including spark, gloss, clear, tinted and chrome finishes, with precise colour matching.

  • Decals

    With an in-house decal printer, parts can include custom 2D coloured graphics and logos.

  • Inserts & Assembly

    Parts can be manually assembled including gluing of parts and inclusion of inserts.

  • Shot peening and dying

    SLS parts can be put through a 3-stage procedure of automated post-processing using DyeMansion technology: cleaning, surfacing by shot-peening, and dying.

  • Water-sealing

    Parts can be impregnated with a waterproof layer.

  • Metal plating

    SLA parts can be plated in a range of metals like chrome and nickel.

  • Medical grade clean-up

    Parts can be cleaned to ISO13485 standard for use in a surgical environment.

  • Post machining of metal parts

    LPE has 5axis and 3axis CNC machines in-house along with EDM machines which means we can offer post processing of our DMLS components to meet tight engineering tolerances.

    Post machining of metal parts
  • Heat treatments of metal parts

    LPE has a Nabotherm LH216/12 gas controlled furnace in-house which can be used to offer thermal post treatment for both reactive and non-reactive metals (ASTM F2924). These treatments can facilitate improved mechanical properties and stress relieving benefits.

  • Tapping and reaming of metal parts

    Metal parts can be hand tapped or reamed to facilitate tight fittings for assembly tolerances.

  • Advanced surface finishing of metal parts

    LPE have developed proprietary techniques to facilitate advanced surface finishing of metal parts which can be used when superior surface finish of metal parts is required.

We are constantly developing our post processing services. If you have a specific requirement in relation to the post processing of your parts, chat to a member of our team and we will work with you to see if we meet your requirements.

Why LPE?

LPE are an ISO 9001 & 13485 approved supplier, with over 30 years of industry experience. We are a supplier of 3D Printed components to both large and small organisations across the UK & Ireland. LPE has the capabilities to meet all your requirements for both prototyping and low volume production.

Over the years we have invested in our in-house post processing facilities to ensure that we are able to provide to our customers. We have an in-house team of modelmakers with exceptional traditional hand skills and years of experience producing top class finished models and assemblies. The staff at LPE enjoy a challenge and we are always willing to discuss any bespoke requirements to see how we can adapt our processes to meet the exact specifications of our customer’s projects .

Customer service lies at the heart of everything we do at LPE and if you feel you could benefit from chatting directly to an expert about your project, you can contact us below.

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LPE go “Back to the Future” and scoop prestigious award for their finishing skills!

The Delorean car, made at LPE to celebrate its 25th anniversary, won second prize in the technical competition in advanced finishing at the additive manufacturing users group (AMUG) conference in Chicago in 2017. Beating off competition from all over the world, LPE were delighted that their model Delorean, which showcased the very best of the finishing services on offer at LPE, impressed the judges at AMUG.

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