For more than three decades, automotive companies have been using 3D Printing in their quest to create faster, safer, and lighter vehicles, saving both time and money in the process.

The ability to manufacture layer-by-layer without the need for tooling, has opened the door for affordable and rapid production of increasingly advanced components, removing unnecessary costs and design limitations.

The current drive toward electric power has also been hastened by AM technology. With firms able to innovate, create, and launch faster than ever before, 3D Printing is helping us cut the journey time to a greener and more sustainable future.

At LPE, we provide the in-house machinery and hands-on consultation you need to realise the full benefits of 3D Printing, exploring new and unique applications in both prototyping and production. Our expert team of modelmakers and engineers utilise the latest technologies to help you take your concept from the planning stage to the open road.



In no industry is 3D Printing driving advancement faster than in motorsport. The unity of purpose and direct competition under which motorsport teams operate, propels rapid and constant iteration right down to the most meticulous alterations in design and application technique.

Motorsport has provided a wealth of evidence on the weight-reductive and aerodynamic-enhancing capabilities of 3D Printing, and was one of the first industries to successfully utilise 3D Printed parts to optimise performance under extreme mechanical stress conditions.

Having been around the track more than most, LPE are proud to say we’ve worked with clients at all stages in the motorsport development cycle, from part suppliers to race-winning F1 teams. We’re excited to continue our work with motorsport clients new and old, to push the boundaries of innovation.

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Why use 3D Printing in automotive and motorsport?

  • Complexity made simple – Produce intricate parts without the hassle of tooling or the requirement for multi-component assembly.
  • Quicker design and development – The ability to make quick iterations means parts can be tested, tweaked, and perfected for rapid launch times.
  • Cost-cutting – Save money on mouldings, labour and material waste.
  • Lightweighting – Better fuel efficiency and higher speeds can be achieved with AM’s weight-reductive capabilities.
  • Customisation – With cost efficiency no longer linked to units produced, customising parts on request has become a feasible, profitable service, not to mention the ability to produce on-the-fly tools for small and medium batch production.


  • Weight reduction
  • On vehicle components (ICE/EV/BEV/Hydrogen)
  • Design testing and demonstrations
  • Performance validation
  • Aerodynamic testing
  • Rapid manufacturing of jigs, tools, and fixtures
  • Small batch production runs
  • One-off replacement parts
  • Development of EV technology
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Why choose LPE for your automotive or motorsport applications?

  • Experts in lightweighting
  • Over thirty years of experience in automotive & motorsport prototyping/production
  • ISO9001 certified – we are committed to quality assurance
  • Wide range of functional materials in plastics, metals and rubbers 
  • Highly advanced and intricate parts
  • COCs, first article inspection reports, in house testing and full material traceability available on request
  • Flexible project leadtimes
  • Next-day delivery across the UK & Ireland
  • Highly experienced, hands-on team of AM engineers and modelmakers – unlock the full potential of 3D Printing
  • Strong R&D background
  • Provide NDAs guaranteeing protection of intellectual property

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