If it’s good enough for 007….

Yes, even MI5 are getting in on the action with three Figure 4 DLP (Digital Light Processing) machines gracing Q’s lab in the latest Bond film. As it so happens, we have three of the exact same machines on-site here at LPE.

From Iron Man’s suit to Star Wars’ C3PO, use of 3D Printing to produce unique, detailed costumes and props is becoming more and more popular across the industry. The technology offers a more authentic and generally less expensive option than CGI, just as accurate, and even more realistic. It also provides the convenience of design production in a matter of days.

This means that prop, costume, and set ideas can be brought to life quicker and more cost-effectively than ever before, giving ultimate creative freedom to directors, producers and costume/set designers.

The epic Game of Thrones series was widely acknowledged for its extensive use of 3D printing. In fact, much of the armour in the show was 3D Printed in rubber and plastics, right here at LPE. This helped ensure actor’s safety during action-packed battle scenes, and provided the cast with much lighter, more comfortable costumes to wear during lengthy shoots. Thanks to LPE, those long nights of filming weren’t so dark and full of terrors after all.

The technology is also transforming the world of animation. With more advanced, high-resolution printing available, stop-motion pictures are becoming more detailed and smooth-running than ever before. Guillermo Del Toro’s innovative use of 3D Printing for his recent adaption of “Pinocchio” helped the picture to an Oscar win, and guess where the wooden boy himself was printed… click here to see how we brought Pinocchio to life.

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Why use 3D Printing in the Film & TV Industry?

  • Authenticity – Produce highly detailed, high-resolution parts to help deliver an authentic, striking, cinematic experience.
  • Affordability – Save money on CGI expenses, labour costs and material waste. 3D Printing incurs no fixed costs, and even complex parts can be printed as one component using a single material, thus producing minimum waste (usually 20% of material used is wasted as opposed to 80/90% with traditional manufacturing techniques).
  • As seen on screen’ – Produce exact replica pieces on-demand, without compromising visual quality or durability and for no additional fixed costs.
  • Prop production time – Props can be 3D printed in as little as several hours, and at most a matter of days.
  • Props that last – Props can be printed in durable materials which survive filming, and for any that don’t, replacements are almost readily available.
  • Actor/actress safety & comfort – Produce lighter, safer, more comfortable costumes.


  • True-to-life props for functional use
  • Detailed, visually accurate 3D-Printed set pieces
  • Costumes – armour, jewelry, masks, and more, customised to a particular actor’s fit if required
  • Practical effects – including single-use props to be sacrificed in action scenes
  • Testing of costume/set ideas and props
  • Stop-motion animation
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Why choose LPE for your Film/Animation requirements?

  • Secondary processes available in-house including painting, finishing, and polishing, so props are ready for use upon completion.
  • Experienced team of modelmakers renowned for their hand finishing skills.
  • Speed of turnaround – our large machine capacity means we can guarantee the quickest lead times so there’s no waiting around to get the cameras rolling.
  • Props big and small – with our expansive range of in-house machinery, we can 3D Print larger props as single assemblies. In fact, we have the biggest SLA machine of any bureau in the UK or Ireland.
  • Guaranteed next day delivery across UK & Ireland.
  • ISO 9001 certified – we are committed to the highest quality standards.
  • We provide NDAs with an assurance of complete confidentiality.
  • Over 30 years’ experience in production for the Film & TV industry.

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