The UK government claims we must “harness the power of innovation.” Companies across the defence industry are collaborating with 3D Printing companies like ourselves to do just that. Additive manufacturing technologies are being utilised for advanced military projects from intricate prototyping of self-sensing armour, to on-demand production of mission-specific surveillance drones.

The ability to manufacture layer-by-layer has paved the way for new realms of design innovation, facilitating creation of increasingly advanced parts. With a rapid prototyping process available, development through iteration is faster than ever before.

The material-reductive nature of additive manufacturing is helping defence manufacturers produce both lighter parts and vehicles, increasing cost-effectiveness, and fuel and material efficiency.

With long-term growth in the defence sector projected, driven by critical advances in new technologies like 3D Printing, the future for collaboration looks promising indeed.

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Why use 3D Printing in the Defence Industry

  • Design Freedom – Produce highly accurate, detailed, and rugged models of even the most intricate designs, to achieve complex and lightweight parts. Engineers can also significantly reduce part numbers required for assemblies of support and surveillance equipment.
  • Quicker design and development – Make quick iterations of design concepts, with no fixed costs per part, for a faster and more affordable testing & development process.
  • Cost-cutting – Save money on mouldings, labour and material waste. (20% vs 80–90% on traditional machining).
  • Customisation – Manufacture replacement parts, tools, and structural components, as and when required. Parts can even be tailored to specific missions and functions.
  • Overcoming obsolescence – With military equipment in use for decades, many parts become obsolete. AM can continue a supply of replacement parts to keep fleets operational and ready without expensive transportation and logistics costs.
  • Continued technological advancement – Facilitating more dynamic, versatile and effective defence capabilities, including large frame production of entire vehicles and bridges.


  • Design Testing
  • Performance Validation
  • On demand replacement of damaged or obsolete parts
  • Rapid Prototyping for design and development
  • Medical applications such as customised implants and prosthetics
  • Low-volume production of structural components
  • In theatre part production
  • Military vehicle end use production
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Why choose LPE for your Defence requirements?

  • Over thirty years of experience in defence prototyping and production
  • ISO 9001 and 13485 certified – we are committed to the highest quality standards
  • Cutting edge engineering solutions
  • COCs, first article inspection reports, in house testing and full material traceability available on request
  • We provide NDAs with an assurance of complete confidentiality
  • Wide range of materials including bio-compatible materials for medical military use, range of production metals and rubber
  • Flexible project leadtimes allowing customers to accelerate campaign success
  • Highly experienced team of engineers and modelmakers to help you unlock the full potential of 3D Printing
  • Guaranteed next-day delivery across the UK & Ireland

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