Stereolithography (SLA)Stereolithography High Res. (SLA HR) Digital Light Processing (DLP) Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Direct Metal Laser Sintering Production (DMLS Pro) Direct Metal Laser Sintering High Res. (DMLS HR) Vacuum Casting (VC) Machining (CNC/high-speed CNC)
DescriptionHigh quality precision prints, excellent detail & definition.
Wide range of materials.
SLA prints with ultra fine detail & definition.Super high resolution for small & complex parts in durable prototype & production materials.Very tough, high impact and high-temperature resistant. Range of nylon materials.Metal parts with excellent physical and mechanical properties – full production spec (>99% density). High resolution metal prints with superior surface finish and ultra-fine detail. Multiple parts in range of PU and silicon materials – excellent simulation of moulded parts. Production plastics and metals cut to precise tolerances.
Layer Thickness0.1mm0.05mm0.01-0.05mm0.1-0.15mm0.03-0.06mm0.015-0.025mmN/AN/A
Minimum printable XY features0.15mm0.08mm0.05mm0.75mm0.2mm0.1mm0.5mm0.05mm
Minimum printable Z feature0.5mm0.5mm0.3mm0.5mm0.06mm0.03mm0.5mm0.05mm
Tolerance+/- 0.15 Per 100mm+/- 0.10 Per 100mm+/- 0.10 Per 100mm+/- 0.25 Per 100mm+/- 0.10 Per 100mm+/- 0.10 Per 100mm+/- 0.5 Per 100mm+/- 0.01 Per 100mm
Max Part Size650 x 750 x 550mm450 x 450 x 415mm124x70.2x196mm 320 x 320 x 600mm 250x250x330mm90x90x90mm1500 x 700 x 500mm1000 x 600 x 600mm
Quality of printed Surface Finish ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Lead Times 3-5 Days3-5 Days3-5 Days3-5 Days5-7 Days5-7 Days5-10 Days1-3 Weeks
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