What sets our 3D Printing solutions apart?

We at LPE utilise cutting edge industrial AM machines to deliver fast, accurate and highly repeatable results for your 3D Printing projects.

With over 30 years of experience, 40 staff and 20 in-house machines, we have unparalleled expertise and an advanced equipment portfolio. We can help with advanced geometric requirements, tight deadlines, large batches, and complex, multi-stage projects.

We support you throughout each project stage, with CAD analysis, consultation, extensive post-processing and a range of quality testing and certification options.

We’re ISO9001 quality certified and provide free next-day delivery on all orders within the UK & Ireland.

If you have questions relating to an upcoming project, call us on 028 9070 6940 or submit an enquiry below.

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The 3D Printing Processes at LPE

Finishing Options for 3D Printed Parts

LPE ensure highly precise visual models and end-use production parts are ready for use upon delivery. This means providing a comprehensive range of post-processing options, from surface finishing to colouring, to tailored het treatments and medical-grade cleanup.

Why Choose LPE?

One-Stop Solution: Find all your prototyping and production needs under one roof with our diverse range of in-house services and materials.

Unrivalled Precision: We pride ourselves on high-precision tolerances, allowing us to build features as small as 0.06mm.

Quality Assurance: As ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality approved, our commitment to excellence ensures top-notch results every time.

Speedy Turnaround: Experience fast project completion with parts ready in just days, enabling you to meet tight deadlines.

Free Next Day Delivery: Benefit from our complimentary next-day delivery service within the UK and Ireland.

In-House Post Processing: Enjoy the convenience of in-house painting, finishing, and an array of post-processing and testing services.


Discover how LPE’s advanced 3D printing service can elevate your product development to new heights. Request a quote today and witness the power of precision and efficiency in your designs.

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