Customer Testimonial - Ford

“Stereolithography models allow us to do production intents within days. On one project alone it saved us £100,000 in tooling costs and reduced the lead time from 7 months to 7 days”

Customer Testimonial - Friedland

“It has allowed us to compete in a market place where product quality and time to market are critical issues”

Customer Testimonial - Fusion

“A fine introduction to the facility. Altogether a good experience”

Customer Testimonial - Gamesman

“That’s great thank you for your prompt efficient customer service.”

Customer Testimonial - GEC-Marconi

“We had been using CNC to produce highly accurate models. But Rapid Prototyping produced parts 4 times faster at half the cost”

GEC Marconi
Customer Testimonial - GPT

“If your future model remains as it is, I think you are already providing a first class facility. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone looking for a fast, good quality prototype”

Customer Testimonial - Hothouse

“We used Stereolithography both as a styling and engineering model which helped us to condense our design cycle”

Customer Testimonial - HP

“The service provided was of a very high level. All correspondents were punctual and professional, and the prototypes were provided in a timely and impressive manner. Overall I am very pleased with the prototypes, and would consider Laser Prototypes for work in the future”

Customer Testimonial - Hycalog

“Very successful first project”

Customer Testimonial - Mastermoulders

“The service is excellent, we are planning to use you on a regular basis”