Some customers require their complex prototypes in production materials, which is slow and costly using conventional Three-Axis machining.  LPE have invested in a large Five-Axis machining centre- when we feel additive manufacturing is not the right solution for you we have the capacity to quickly produce your complex parts using our subtractive Five-Axis machine.

Five-Axis machining provides you with greater design options while still ensuring you have your parts when you need them and at a reduced cost.  The increased area the head can cover allows us to mill parts without the need for changeover and setup, the most time consuming part of the CNC process.  LPE are committed to passing along these savings to our customers and can offer a variety of CNC options with very competitive pricing.

We keep a stock of the most common materials on site, and have access to even the most esoteric materials through our suppliers.  If you have a particular material already and would like us to mill in that we can also do that (provided it passes safety standards).

The big advantage that CNC provides over regular machining is there is no room left for human error.  This ensures your parts are produced to the tightest tolerances and gives you true repeatability.  At LPE we operate to an exacting standard to ensure that your parts come out perfect, every time.

With a long history of experience in the prototyping industry, we are very knowledgeable about what it takes to make a good prototype, so you know your parts are in good hands.  We are also very capable of performing short run productions of parts if the requirement arises.

LPE, the longest established Rapid Prototyping Bureau in the UK & Ireland has been working to produce high quality parts for over twenty years.

Advantages of CNC Machining at LPE

  • Material choices are virtually limitless
  • Five-Axis CNC is faster and offers greater design options
  • Tight tolerances and true repeatability
  • Low volume production runs or prototypes available

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