We have recently installed a 2nd 3D Systems Figure 4 DLP printer.

Having added the Figure 4 DLP process to our wide range of services less than a year ago, we have experienced huge demand for 1 off prototypes and low volume production runs in the new materials.

The new technology offers fast builds and very tough materials – a great solution for  prototype and production requirements.

Building faster than any other in house process, DLP allows us to deliver parts in just a few days. Customers have been amazed at the strength and quality of parts supplied!

The Figure 4 DLP materials allow customers to replace traditional moulding and cast urethane processes for short production runs. Customers can create jigs and fixtures, and produce highly detailed prototypes, all in just a few days.

We currently offer several functional materials. The Tough Grey and Tough Black give a great representation of the strength and finish of final moulded parts. The Med AMB material is capable of meeting ISO 10993-5 and -10 standards for biocompatibility (cytotoxicity, sensitization and irritation). It can also be sterilised by autoclave, so is an excellent new material for our medical customers.

“Despite the recent slowdown due to COVID-19, we continue to see a high demand for small quantities of tough accurate parts. The new machine will allow us to continue offering these parts in just a few days. We will also be adding to the range of materials on offer – the technology promises a lot! Direct printed rubber parts, high temperature resistant components as well as a range of functional materials should be added very soon” Tom Walls – Managing Director

To find out more on how you can have ultra fast leadtimes, and very high resolution DLP parts within 1 – 2 days, contact us at sales@laserproto.com or call 028 9070 6940


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