LPE has added new DLP materials to the wide range on offer. The very latest Rubber-BLK 10, HI TEMP 300 AMB and MED-WHT 10 all offer customers more realistic prototypes, fully workable in the toughest environments. These new materials revolutionise our DLP services.

RUBBER-BLK 10 is a high tear strength material for the production of hard rubber-like parts. It is ideal for touch applications such as grips, handles and bumpers, strain-relief applications, overmoulds, etc. This extremely tough material has an exceptional surface finish and long-term environmental stability.

HI TEMP 300-AMB is an ultra-high temperature plastic for use in applications requiring high heat resistance. A heat deflection temperature of > 300 °C,  this material is well suited for the testing in applications including HVAC, consumer appliances, motor enclosures and moulds. It does not require a  thermal post-cure.

MED-WHT 10 is a rigid, white material for a range of medical and industrial applications. Parts made can meet ISO 10993-5 and -10 standards for biocompatibility (cytotoxicity, sensitization and irritation)  Good for surgical drill guides and bone models, it delivers highly accurate parts with excellent feature resolution and high definition. Sterilisation of parts by autoclave is also possible.

“LPE has recently added new DLP materials to allow for customer requirements. We work with many companies in medical, automotive and aerospace industries. Customers regularly ask about rubber parts, and hi temperature / sterilisable possibilities. These new materials allow us to deliver exactly what they want and really fast.”

This expansion means LPE now offers over 5o different materials. As a result, customers will get closer simulation to final production materials, better functionality and more choice at LPE.

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