In keeping with high demands for quality metal printed parts, LPE has added further to their Direct Metal Sintering services.

Already running 3 in house Metal Printing machines offering high resolution parts in aluminium, Stainless Steel , titanium and precipitation hardening Stainless Steel, LPE now also offers aluminium parts to customers up to 250 mm x 250mm.

“Customers have been blown away by the quality of our aluminium parts produced on our MLab machine, and many specify LPE as the sole supplier of prototype and production parts.” said Tom Walls, Managing Director of LPE

As a result of this and an increasing customer demand for larger parts, LPE now offers  aluminium parts built on an EOS M290 (with a build volume of 250x 250 x 320mm) With a turnaround of just a few days, the cost and time benefits are invaluable to many fast moving industries working with LPE including medical, motorsport and aerospace.

“Direct Metal Laser Sintering  removes the constraints of traditional manufacturing allowing our customers freedom to design efficient, lightweight parts. It offers an ideal solution for the cost effective production of components, regardless of complexity of design. We are delighted to be able to offer our customers access to this exciting new technology and we hope to continue our expansion of services and materials into the future.”

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