LPE has recently added aluminium to its high resolution Metal Sintering service. As the only Rapid Prototyping service bureau in Europe to run aluminium on the MLab LaserCusing system, LPE can offer customers parts built in 0.015 mm layers with 0.3mm wall thickness, delivered in just a few days

Metal Sintering offers an ideal solution for the cost effective rapid production of prototypes for high temperature parts, medical and dental applications and aerospace components. This process can also be used for the creation of tooling inserts for plastic moulding and die casting allowing for improved cycles times and moulded part quality.
At LPE, customers benefit from the highest resolution Metal service available anywhere across Europe. Fine features faithfully re produced and high polished / smooth surfaces surpass all others in the field. With parts delivered in just a few days, they can be used for accurate design verification or, commonly, low volume production parts!

Metals Demand at LPE

At LPE, we believe that constant growth in line with customer requirements is crucial. Aluminium is an essential material in industries such as aerospace, automotive and autosport, where it’s light weight acts to improve performance and save fuel. To meet the growing demand of customers in those sectors and beyond, we felt it necessary to expand our material range.
Aluminium sintering at LPE is available in high resolution, with parts being built with a layer thickness of 15 microns for maximum definition. Parts come finished, but additional polishing can also be performed upon request, and build times can be as short as three days depending on the size of the part.

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