At the end of January, LPE took part in the National Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition at the Citywest Convention Centre. This exhibition brought together key players from across the Island of Ireland to showcase the most innovative approaches to manufacturing and to disseminate the cutting edge research that underpins them.

Managing Director of LPE, Tom Walls, was invited to speak at this event about metal additive manufacturing. Metal 3D printing in the UK and Ireland (and Europe in general) has been developing at a very fast pace and this technology is an important part of the current industrial revolution. Tom used this opportunity to explain the potential benefits of this latest technology for Irish manufacturers.

“LPE is the longest established additive manufacturing bureau in Ireland and Ireland remains a very important market for LPE. We wanted to attend this exhibition to show our support for Irish manufacturing and to demonstrate to Irish companies what the additive manufacturing services offered by LPE can do for them. LPE is the only company in the UK and Ireland offering high resolution metal sintered parts and we wanted to make our customers aware of the potential that this new technology has to offer them”.

Tom Walls, Managing Di

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