The ultra-high strength, high-hardness MARAGING STEEL (MS1) is now available at LPE – a DMLS-suitable material which bridges the gap between the demand for easily machinable (typically soft) metals, and the requirement for superior hardness on particular applications.

Soft and machinable in its green state (immediately post-printing), the metal can then be post cured for hardening and other property enhancements.

Tools can now be made which have been machined for smooth surfaces and ultra-fine features, but which also possess high hardness from post curing, enabling prolonged use during production.

As a low-carbon steel, it’s also highly corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for high-performance industrial applications in areas like aerospace and motorsport.

As always, the team are on-hand to advise one the use of Maraging Steel or any of the other technology here at LPE for your company.

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Maraging Steel

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