LPE recently installed Titanium on our largest direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) machine, the EOS M290, and we are now fully engaged in the supply, processing and application of Titanium alloys for the Aerospace and Medical industries.
LPE are committed to continuously expanding our knowledge in the field of metal additive manufacturing, a field which is developing rapidly as more and more research into metal alloys is conducted.
As part of this commitment we recently engaged Dr Savko Malinov from Queens University Belfast to deliver a customised course on titanium alloys to the technical team at LPE. Dr Malinov is one of Europe’s preeminent academics and a recognised titanium expert having published several textbooks on the subject.
The focus of the course included the fundamentals of metal alloys, metal materials and applications, metal material processing and metal material characteristics. With the knowledge gained through this course, LPE have now developed our own in-house strategies for carrying out different heat treatments for optimum processing of our parts. LPE is also about to embark on a new research project involving Dr Malinov which will examine the impact on mechanical properties and fatigue of advanced process control, heat treatments such as HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) and surface finishes.
Patrick Walls, Engineering Director, “The technical team at LPE found this course extremely valuable. We now understand the unique physical, mechanical and chemical properties of titanium and the effect of heat treatment on these properties. We now have a much greater understanding of the advantages and limitations of titanium and have a greater insight into unique problems that arise from using this material in AM. This knowledge will enable us to offer an even more advanced level of metal sintering service to our customers”.

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