When Laser Prototypes were approached to produce an architectural model of one of Frances most iconic architectural landmarks, Chateau de Chambord they knew they would be facing one of their toughest architectural model making challenges to date. To accurate create a scale model of a building famed for the complexity of its roof scape – featuring 11 styles of tower and three types of chimney – while meeting tight project lead times.

With rapid build times and minimal post production clean up required, the Selective Laser Sintering process was selected.

Upon receipt of the customers 3D CAD data STL files were created using proprietary software, which slices the 3D files into a series of 2D cross section layers. This STL file is then sent to the Selective Laser Sintering machine where a laser selectively traces out the first cross section onto a thin layer of PA Nylon powder. When the laser hits the powder it heats and fuses, forming a solid cross section of the part. Once a cross section is completed the platform lowers (0.1mm) and a fresh layer of powder is brushed across the platform. The laser traces out the next layer and the process repeats until layer by layer the 3d model is complete.

Following the recent expansion of their Selective Laser Sinteirng facilities, Laser Prototypes now offers Selective Laser Sintering parts built on the Formiga P100 machine from EOS, offering even greater accuracy and detailing than previous Selective Laser Sintering machines. Speaking on the recent expansion Laser Prototypes Sales Director, Campbell Evans, stated “This new machine allows us to build parts very accurately and with high definition and detail. Industry experts have commented on the level of quality, definition and accuracy we have achieved with Selective Laser Sintering models, and this lends itself especially to our architectural model making. Models previously only available in weeks can now be built in just a couple of days”

With the help of Laser Prototypes and the Selective Laser Sintering process the customer received a highly detailed, dimensionally accurate model of the Loire Valleys largest Chateau, just days after submitting the 3D CAD data.

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