Laser Prototypes (Europe) Ltd. is proud to announce the installation of the brand new SLS machine from EOS – the P390.

Adding further to a full range of existing Rapid Protoyping services offered by LPE which includes SLA, Hi Resolution Viper SLA, Selective Laser Sintering, Vacuum Casting, CNC, and RIM, the EOS P390 augments LPE’s position as one of the leading RP service providers in the UK and Ireland.

The new machine allows Laser Prototypes to build even larger nylon components in a single process, with a significantly increased build volume of 340mm x 340 mm x 620mm.

The system can also build up to thousands of different products or components at the same time and in a single process. New components can even be added during the production process. It enables the fast and cost effective direct manufacture of end products, spare parts, functional prototypes and patterns for investment or Vacuum Casting.

This installation is the first in a UK bureau and customers can now benefit from the fastest Selective Laser Sintering turnaround times available. It is a highly productive system for processing thermoplastics and manufactures plastic products of any complexity from polyamide materials directly from CAD data and within a very short time and from a broad range of plastic goods, be it for the medical device, automotive, aerospace or consumer goods industry.

As the longest established RP bureau in the UK and Ireland, it is imperative for us to offer our customers the very latest processes, techniques and materials. We can now build faster, bigger, better and cheaper than before Рwe give our customers what they want!

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