Commencing September 2023, LPE will be running a new HandySCAN 700™|Elite – the latest addition to their in-house quality testing lab. This is the most advanced scanner available in the HandySCAN Silver Series, typically used by F1 and aerospace manufacturers.

The technology will enable LPE to accurately validate the dimensions and tolerances of printed parts, including those with irregular shapes and curved surfaces. It gives a highly precise comparison of the printed part to the CAD file, by overlaying the scanned image onto the CAD image and highlighting any deviation in tolerances, dimensions, and features. It also generates surface roughness imagery to further validate aesthetic objectives.

Highly versatile, the scanner can be used for parts large and small, regardless of material or geometric complexity.

With 7 intersecting laser lines for rapid data acquisition, the scanner can record up to 480,000 measurements per second. Unlike previous scanners, the 700™|Elite has an additional single-line laser for hard to-to-reach areas like deep, small-diameter bores.

It scans with an accuracy of up to 0.030mm and a volumetric accuracy of 0.020mm + 0.060mm.

LPE are also bringing in a comprehensive software package to calibrate with the scanner for real-time, high-detail scanning imagery. With a set-up-and-start time of just 2 minutes, customers can get full print-to-CAD scan comparisons without any effect on lead times.

The purchase is part of a new initiative by the company to offer unparalleled quality testing & certification packages for 3D Printed production parts. It follows the onboarding of new quality & operations personnel, the purchase of a DigiRock DR3 Rockwell Hardness Tester and new plans to invest in flow analysis equipment for density testing.  LPE have also just completed a comprehensive GAP analysis as part of their pursuit of the AS9100 Quality Management certification for aerospace production, to add to their current ISO9001 & ISO13485 badges. They hope to be AS9100 certified by the end of 2023.

HandySCAN 700™|Elite - LPE

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