LPE will be exhibiting at the UK Space Conference 2023, held in the ICC (International Conference Centre) Belfast. The biennial conference, sponsored by the UK Space Agency, is the signature event for the UK space industry. It brings together industry, government, and academia from the UK and beyond to exchange ideas and forge partnerships as we enter a new era of space exploration.

LPE will be showcasing the unique benefits of 3D Printing and its impact on manufacturing for space.

Leading space manufacturers across the world are utilising additive manufacturing to bring more customisation, fuel efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness to their manufacturing. And the 3D Printing-for-space market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 21.2% over the next 5 years.

With advances in machines and materials, 3D printing can now produce both non-critical and critical parts (e.g., engine components) capable of withstanding the harsh environmental challenges of space. From January 2024, LPE will be AS9100-certified, meaning we will be producing critical parts that are certified fit-for-use in space.

LPE’s stand will feature samples of 3D Printed space and aerospace parts, and perhaps even a machine printing in real-time.

The conference will be running from 21st-23rd November, with an array of networking events, meetings, and a gala dinner. Top representatives from leading companies in the space industry like BAE Systems, Airbus and Thales will all be there.

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