A fresh digital face on the UK’s oldest 3D Printing bureau

State-of-the-art websites may seem commonplace for new technology companies, but for 3D Printing bureau LPE (Laser Prototypes Europe) who setup in 1991, a long-standing reputation meant digital promotion did not need to be a key focus.

However, as part of their continued expansion, the company have revamped their digital persona with a brand new website. “With more global interest in 3D Printing than ever before, we wanted to build a more user-friendly interface for people in the discovery stages,” said Tom Walls, MD.

The site has a much more modern feel than previously, with a distinct aesthetic featuring a rich blue colour scheme and moving, clickable visuals. The content fades onto the screen as the user scrolls down, giving it an all-round ‘industry 4.0’ quality.

Customers can access practical resources such as process/material comparison tables, and white paper guides.

Each process offered has a dedicated service page, and the site features key industry pages with industry-specific 3D Printing benefits, applications, and material recommendations… particularly useful for companies just beginning to explore the technology.

“In the early days, the whole business ran on one-to-one contact and word-of-mouth advertising. It was easy to overlook the public-facing element of things. However, we want to promote LPE as a brand now. We’ll be updating the new site regularly with valuable content from our team of experts.” – Campbell Evans, Sales & Marketing Director

For those who want to know more about the 3D Printing veterans, the website also features a brand new ‘about us’ section, taking users through a timeline of the company’s history and introducing them to the current management team.

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